Fisher House Fact Sheet


• Fisher House is the “Ronald McDonald House” for veterans and their families. It is a veteran’s “home away from home.”
• Fisher House is being built on the grounds of the Dorn VA Medical Center on Garner’s Ferry Road within walking distance of the hospital.
• No families pay to stay at a Fisher House while their loved ones are receiving treatment at the Dorm VA Medical Center. This allows a family to:
o Be at bedside of our Veterans during hospitalization
o Focus on healing process, and not the financial burden
• Hotels are not always available, affordable, close by, and equipped for an extended stay
• Fisher House Columbia will have 16 guest suites that can provide almost 6,000 nights of lodging per year for veteran’s families. The house will have a common kitchen, dining room, laundry, living room & playroom.
• We will break ground on our Fisher House in September 2020.
• Estimated cost to build- $6.5million.
• Estimated construction time- 6-9 months.

How does a Fisher House help?
• By providing a loving HOME where families can prepare meals, eat, sleep, do laundry, relax and rejuvenate while visiting and caring for their loved one in the hospital.
• And by providing a healing environment where families can gather strength from one another as they face a difficult medical crisis.